Feeling the need for a nomadic exhibition space that compliments the diverse weather patterns found in Toronto, Canada, Not Your Father’s Contemporary is the first of a series of experimental locations, brought to you by the new curatorial collective Nice Stuff. Housed in the former family home of one of the project’s curators, this exhibition location looks to provide a unique type of space where contemporary art and projects can be nurtured. The lived-in apartment, located on the corner of Harbord and Robert St. in Toronto features a 500 sq/ft indoor exhibition space, and a 950sq/ft outdoor garden patio which will feature revolving installations and weekly events, bringing contemporary art into the domestic sphere by incorporating it into everyday life.

Taking full advantage of the rare summer months in this city, Nice Stuff aims to bring attention to the local Toronto art scene while providing our peers with a healthy dose of vitamin D. We also look to highlight an extraordinary secret garden which has been quietly cultivating for 25+ years under the direction of Cyrus Irani, along with his wife Hutoshi – the two moved here 30 years ago from their homeland India, and have made for themselves a quiet cultural haven that they are now ready to share with the rest Toronto through the help of curators Charlie Irani, Teresa Aversa and Pantea Razzaghi.

Not Your Father’s Contemporary will act as a research hub where contemporary artists, designers, lovers, and others intermingle, to create dialogues that will carry forward into their diverse practices. We look to program two exhibitions each month in our indoor gallery, while intermingling permanent outdoor installations with lectures, movie screenings, publications, seminars, events, and much more. Through a new monthly dinner party series, featuring the artists/curators that we work with, our goal is to create conversations amongst a diverse group of people, linking our emerging local talent with our international peers, facilitating the production of new work and ideas.


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