Half Picassoed – Hugh Scott-Douglas

6 Aug

July 23rd, 2010.

HALF PICASSOED – New Work by Hugh Scott-Douglas

Half Assed
Pablo Picasso
Half Picassoed
Half Hearted
Pablo Hartman
Hugh Hefner
Hugh Scott-Douglas
Tire Iron
Iron Man
Tired Man
Man Made
Made Poor

“See it’s really brilliant cuz it’s like you take HALF ASSED you know, like the WRONG WAY or whatever, and your fuse that with PABLO PICASSO, like the godfather of abstraction or whatever, you know like abstraction, like the WRONG WAY of doing it, or maybe like the right way to do it the wrong way and you like mash it all together into like the most predictable thing ever so maybe people will kinda think it’s cool and then you like get all the work and you like auction it all off for kinda cheap so its kinda like a reflection of the way the art market works but like its also for kids cuz like the work won’t be real expensive like an original Picasso, nahh the work will be as expensive as an original fake Picasso that kinda looks like it was done by a kid, but at the same time its really kinda brilliant cuz like wasn’t Picasso always talking about how he always wanted to paint like a kid or whatever, so like it’s pretty autonomous or whatever and then oh yeah its pretty sneaky too cuz like the gallery is in a living room and like the work can go in your living room after you buy it or whatever so its even about situation and like all that 1960’s stuff or whatever…”
-Hugh Scott-Douglas

The artist auctioning his work off – from our new outdoor pool.


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