For Rent

6 Aug

As you may or may not know – NYFC is a self-funded gallery, meaning all the proceeds made from events goes directly back into operating budget and towards finding our next location. We will be occupying our current location until the end of September – and then we will pick up as the weather gets colder and move to a more suitable location.


Feeling the need for a nomadic exhibition space that compliments the diverse weather patterns found in Toronto, Canada, Not Your Father’s Contemporary is the first of a series of experimental locations, brought to you by a new curatorial collective Nice Stuff. The apartment gallery features a 500 sq/ft indoor exhibition space, and a 50/ft (950sq/ft) outdoor garden patio which will feature revolving installations and weekly events. We are looking to rent the space and patio out for the next two months (August – September 2010), as we will be re-locating as the weather gets colder. We are available for one off events and on-going exhibits.

The Space is available for:
Small to Mid sized Events
Dinner Parties

Please contact us at for your rental inquires.
Floor plan available upon request.


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