Za-Za Pizza Party by David F.M. Hanes

3 Sep

Best Dam pizza in town!


Nails by Mahban IV

25 Aug

You’ve heard all the hype…
NYFC proudly presents

Nails by Mahban IV.
The fourth installment of our on-going series of Nail Art performances.

Come and get your nails done by the one and only Mahban

We will be working on other exciting projects for the time being, but stay tuned for updates.

Saturday August, 28
1pm – 8pm

RSVP is a must
please email Mahban to book an appt.!/event.php?eid=124261404287852&ref=ts

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9 Aug

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9 Aug

Gorgeous images of our opening party-
through the eyes of photographer Marcos Tesome

Not Your Father’s Contemporary is a new Toronto art gallery with no fixed address

9 Aug

Not Your Father’s Contemporary is a new Toronto art gallery with no fixed address.

BlogTO article by Matthew Purvis


9 Aug

Za-Za Pizza Party by David FM Hanes
August 9th, 2010

This event begins at 6PM (sharp), first lecture and serving will be at 7PM. Afterwards, guests are invited to drink, socialize, and munch. Second lecture will take place at 9PM and the rest of the evening will be left to social chance. Tickets are $15 at the door and seats are limited. So, please RSVP as soon as possible. Please send RSVP emails to: …

This summer at Not Your Fathers Contemporary, we would like to cordially invite you to partake in a night of munching, sipping, and learning as we take you on a trip into the fulfilling world of Pizza. Since it’s integration into North American culture, pizza has made itself a land mark and staple in the diets of many peoples. For pizza, it doesn’t matter whether you’re young, old, black, white, brown, yellow… or the works. For pizza the goals have always been clear… at least to some! And this is why we would love if you could come down to the homiest of homie galleries in Toronto and munch, sip, and learn! The “Za-Za Pizza Party” will keep true to the idea of pizza culture and include the selected toppings of nearly 40 participating artists. Each pizza and topping will be customly prepared and made by artists: David FM Hanes, Julia Kennedy, and Sorjourner-Truth. Two lectures on the significance, history, and enthusiasm of pizza will be givin by David Hanes and a special guest artist. Along with this cheesy event will be a visual showcase of artworks further illustrating the appreciation of pizza that many artists living among us share. Love will be infused in each and every slice, taste’s will cross the globe, and the passion of youth will energize your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are a picky pizza eater or a nonchalant pizza eater, this event will pack the topping of your desire. We guarantee it or your money back! (see details below) Please let us cater to your needs and join us for a night to remember!


-David Hanes

For Rent

6 Aug

As you may or may not know – NYFC is a self-funded gallery, meaning all the proceeds made from events goes directly back into operating budget and towards finding our next location. We will be occupying our current location until the end of September – and then we will pick up as the weather gets colder and move to a more suitable location.


Feeling the need for a nomadic exhibition space that compliments the diverse weather patterns found in Toronto, Canada, Not Your Father’s Contemporary is the first of a series of experimental locations, brought to you by a new curatorial collective Nice Stuff. The apartment gallery features a 500 sq/ft indoor exhibition space, and a 50/ft (950sq/ft) outdoor garden patio which will feature revolving installations and weekly events. We are looking to rent the space and patio out for the next two months (August – September 2010), as we will be re-locating as the weather gets colder. We are available for one off events and on-going exhibits.

The Space is available for:
Small to Mid sized Events
Dinner Parties

Please contact us at for your rental inquires.
Floor plan available upon request.